A powerful tool that simplifies digital marketing and streamlines the sales process.

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Who are we?

ADON InfoTech develops innovative solutions in digital marketing and sales. The tool replaces inefficient and expensive ways of working with smart and automated solutions by, among other things, linking companies' e-commerce platforms and physical stores.
Hour glass and money
Cost-effective planning, media buying, production and publishing.
Inventory to Sales
Automatic marketing of available products & services.
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Reach your customers with a powerful media mix, wherever they are.

Film City

Filmstaden uses ADON InfoTech's inventory2sales™ module to market current movies for each theater.


Lekia's stores in Sweden and Norway can with a customized tool that is integrated with Lekia's webshop easily reach out with their news and offers to their local customers.

SGN Sport activates Scan & Go

Now all 235 SGN stores can easily create ads by scanning products in their store. The shop chooses what it wants to sell, the tool does the rest.

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Use your Facebook page as an active sales channel!

With the same tool you can easily make posts on your Facebook feed or sponsored ads on Facebook & Instagram. Reuse custom template for consistent and professional look on all channels. A common thread through all your communications.

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Sportson activates product catalogue

Sportson Sweden, Sweden's largest bicycle specialist chain, is the first to integrate ADON InfoTech's inventory2sales™ module into its sales process. This means that Sportson's e-commerce platform is linked to the tool, where each store chooses which products to sell, which are then marketed to their local target group.

A film showing the Sportson product catalogue

Foodora chooses ADON InfoTech

Foodora has selected ADON InfoTech as its local digital marketing service provider. Now Foodora's more than 7,500 stores and restaurants can easily reach their local customers through smart digital advertising. Watch the video to see how easy it is

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Toolbox adapted to your needs

Create a campaign directly from your online store with inventory2sales™

The tool retrieves digital product catalogues so that you can easily choose what you want to promote. The ads are then automatically produced using a customised ad template.

Product selection

Effective marketing with central management

Central campaign management allows you to create and publish campaigns for your local devices, retailers, etc. The tool automatically adds local messages, reducing production costs by 90%.

Central control of ad campaigns

Automatic marketing of stock items

Optimize marketing based on inventory status. As soon as products are sold out, marketing is automatically terminated.

Inventory to sales

Increased impact with accurate marketing

You simply choose who you want to reach, and where you want to reach them with your advertising on national and local sites. Combine with social media and Google for maximum impact. All in one place.

Uniform design

Customised ad templates ensure consistency across all campaigns produced centrally or locally.

Ad creation
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A selection of our partners

Mirum Galleria
Tyre team
Bicycle giant
Happy Homes
Sports wrestling
Em home
Film City
Team Sportia
Savings banks
Citizenship School
The Business Association
Small business
Tyre partners
Tuna Properties
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