About us

See how ADON InfoTech's history began, how we have evolved and who our employees are.

"We at ADON InfoTech are exploring the exciting world of digital advertising and making it more accessible and professional without the customer having to go through an agency. Read more below about our history and the journey ahead."

- Andreas Ericsson, CEO and co-founder
ADON InfoTech was founded by Andreas Ericsson and Robert Ingberg with the idea of creating a simple tool for advertising on local digital news channels.
Large Swedish media houses buy ADON's tool and in turn offer it to local advertisers as a user-friendly solution for digital advertising.
The revenues of media houses, which largely consist of subscribers to printed newspapers, are dramatically reduced. Their digital efforts stall and they focus instead on saving the traditional business and implementing major cost savings. As a consequence, ADON's growth stops.
ADON initiates cooperation with a technical partner that enables media buying throughout Europe. Now ADON can offer businesses a complete digital advertising solution without going through the media houses.
The pandemic is forcing businesses, large and small, to make cost savings. This increases interest in ADON's cost-effective tools and becomes the basis for the launch of the franchise scheme.
ADON's growth is accelerating and the company is expanding its operations to other Nordic countries. Norway will be the first!
ADON is pushing its technological innovation forward, adding digital screens, play channels, audio channels and in-store signage to its service.
2026 -
ADON's business is continuously growing and the company is expanding in Europe.

Our staff

Hila Darabi

Andreas Ericsson

CEO and Co-founder
0704 199 529
Hila Darabi

Robert Ingberg

CTO and Co-founder
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Hila Darabi

Kave Ravan

Key Account Manager, Sales & Business Developer
0707 928 743
Hila Darabi

Arzu Fidan

Customer Success Manager
0704 917 658
Hila Darabi

Hila Darabi

Account Manager
0707 140 436
Hila Darabi

Casper Thimansson

Account Manager
0707 319 069
Hila Darabi

Thea Ericsson

Campaign Optimization Manager
Hila Darabi

Anders Leander

Full-Stack Designer
0765 646 100
Hila Darabi

Martin Persson

Full-Stack Developer
0736 541 922
Hila Darabi

Adolfo H.Ocampo

Full-Stack Developer