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Leading Nordic franchise brands using ADON InfoTech's solution

Revolutionize and streamline your advertising

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Create 100's of localized ads in minutes

Reduce production and distribution costs by up to 98% by creating and publishing hundreds of localized ads in just a few minutes. Establish a graphic profile for your ad templates to ensure consistent digital advertising across your entire geographical market.

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Multiply your marketing budget

In our well-established onboarding and customer success program and through continuous communication, we activate franchisees to allocate a local marketing budget each month for digital advertising. This helps you multiply your company's market presence and total marketing budget.

Select products from your webshop

We connect your webshop to the advertising tool so that you easily can create product campaigns with updated prices, descriptions and images. Local units can decide which products to advertise in their geographical area and refer customers to a physical store or local online store. When the product sells out, the campaign ends automatically.

Live campaign statistics

Track the impact of your campaigns in real time and receive a weekly campaign report to your email. Statistics for all your campaigns can be found in the advertising tool, where you also can follow your ads and see how many clicks and impressions they have received in each channel. A detailed final report is generated at the end of each campaign.

Personalized customer care

We've got your back. We always provide personal customer care and ensure that your advertising flows seamlessly. We're never far away and follow up with regular phone calls to see how things are going on a corporate and local level. You can always reach our support team or your contact person by email and phone or via the chat function on our website.

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"SGN Sport Sweden consists of 250 independent sports, bike and leisure shops. Through ADON, I can centrally create a single ad, in several different formats, with 250 different senders and as many landing pages - all through a few simple button presses.

The stores, which often lack greater knowledge of production and digital advertising, also work in the tool with ease. By using the developed templates, they have a ready-made layout with the right colors and fonts, which they then very easily supplement with the media that suits their message."

Maria Engman, Marketing Manager SGN Sport(Team Sportia, Sportringen, Bike Nation)

"We at Happy Homes use ADON based on a centrally set budget where we market Happy Homes' offer but still with a local sender and geographically local around the stores.

In addition, the stores themselves can also choose to market their store further by setting a budget with ADON. We also help the stores with campaign ads throughout the year that they can easily pick up and use in the platform."

Ylva Widegren, Marketing Manager Happy Homes Sweden

"ADON's tools have changed the way we can support our stores when it comes to local marketing. With ADON, digital advertising has become easier for our stores. They can easily create ads that follow our established branding, without affecting us centrally in the process. Our messages reach customers seamlessly without us having to spend valuable time and resources on creating individual ads.

For us at the head office, ADON means that the dissemination of our joint messages and campaigns is both fast and smooth. We can easily reach out to customers with a local touch, strengthening our presence and connection to each specific market. ADON makes it not only easy, but also fast and efficient to communicate our messages, while maintaining the local feel of each message."

Jonas Holtbo, Marketing Manager Sportson

A powerful tool for your omnichannel strategy

ADON InfoTech provides you with a digital advertising tool that facilitates the direct execution of your businesses' omnichannel strategy. Ensure a unified and consistent brand profile online, in stores and across other channels, to offer customers a seamless and personalized experience no matter where they are.

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ADON InfoTech

Our philosophy is to work closely with our partners to continuously develop the technology to support their individual business development and KPIs related to sales, costs, work processes and brand management.

Contact us today for more information, pricing or if you have any other questions. You can easily reach us by phone and email or via the chat function on our website.

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